Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Laser Pointer Shenanigans

I was about to sit down and get to work on a backlog of calculus homework when I saw my old laser pointer and thought, "hmm, I should get my laser pointer working again" and in the true spirit of procrastination I immediately dropped my pencil and picked up my multi tool and key-chain laser pointer, something that I had picked up about five or six years ago at a flea market while on vacation. It's not that the laser is broken or anything, it's just that those pesky LR44 batteries aren't that common and I can't be bothered to pick them up since they barely last anyway.

The laser itself is nothing like I had expected. It's actually a very simple design: battery(+)->push button->resistor->laser->battery(-).

So far, the laser pointer is in about 8-10 pieces on my desk, but I really should get back to work so pictures and description of what I'm planning on doing later.

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