Sunday, April 19, 2009

Xbox Linux: The Beginning

Well, not exactly the very beginning. The VERY beginning was about a year ago when I heard that I could put the old Xbox to use by installing a Linux distro on it. From there, I spliced the controller's breakaway cable to a female USB extension cord that I had. Then I realized that I didn't have any of the games required for the savegame exploit to work (I didn't want to use a modchip since I didn't have any of the right tools for opening the Xbox up to access the motherboard), so I forgot about the project for a while. A few months ago, I found someone who had the right copy of MechAsscault and he gave it to me. THEN I realized that none of the USB flash drives I owned would work to transfer the savegame for the exploit to work. Just last week, I decided to start the project back up, so I went on Amazon and got this:

for $8 (with shipping). Now that I've got all the necessary components, I'll try, once again, to get my Xbox to run Linux.

Assuming that this USB flash drive works, and that I can get xUbuntu installed properly, I might move on to making the Xbox a more readily portable computer that I can connect to TVs (modding the case to fit a small keyboard, soldering a few more USB connecters for external storage, etc).

I'll get to work on it and share my progress later tonight.

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