Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zune HD

If you haven't heard, the Zune HD is Microsoft's next installment of the Zune PMP. I've been following the news of the Zune HD since the rumors began to surface back around April, and I must say this device looks like a promising contender in the PMP market.

A few of its main features are:
  • Multi-touch touchscreen
  • OLED Screen (better image, better battery life)
  • NVIDIA Tegra chipset (powerful chip with great battery life)
  • HD Radio
  • 720p output when used in conjuncture with a dock (sold separately)
  • Web browser (which might get full flash support sometime in the near future)
A list of full specs can be found here (PDF).

The Zune HD comes out September 15th and is available for pre-order from many online retailers such as Amazon and the Microsoft Store (although the pre-orders are only avaible in black for the 16gb model - $219.99 and platinum for the 32gb model - $239.99). If you order from Zune Originals after September 15th, more colors will be available.

I'm leaning towards getting one of these, although I think I'll reserve judgment until a week or two after release for some in-depth reviews. Also, I want to see what Apple has in store on September 9th at their iPod event. No doubt they'll have some announcements to try and steal some of the Zune HD's thunder. Hey, there might even be some announcements enticing enough to make me rethink the Zune, but only time will tell.

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