Sunday, May 10, 2009

Windows 7 RC1: Installation

I finally got around to installing Windows 7 RC1 and I gotta say: it feels good to be back.

The installation process was easy and straightforward, so much so that I'll just show a few pictures to describe (more or less) the entire process.

And after a few minutes of configuration, here's what my current desktop looks like: (click to see full-sized picture (1280x1024))

One of the biggest new features that I'm planning on trying out is the under-hyped XP Mode. In a nutshell, XP Mode is a virtual machine running a full version of Windows XP SP3, allowing users to install any applications that are outdated/don't work in Windows 7. There's also an application mode in which just the window for the program you want to run will appear (so no having to select the virtual machine, then run the program: the very annoying window-in-window effect).

I have downloaded the XP Mode software from Microsoft's site, but I need to enable AMD-V (hardware-accelerated virtualization). I haven't thoroughly checked my BIOS to turn this feature on, but as of right now I can't seem to find it. Hmm.

I'll try and find a solution and post some screen shots of XP Mode, then I'll move on to other fun stuff in Windows 7.

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